Yankees waiting for Rodriguez to return

A-Rod is sure he will return to form the only question is…when.

“We’re in the very beginning, I would say Stage 1, in this recovery,” Rodriguez said. “The recovery is going very well. I’ve been devoting 100 percent of my time and my focus into getting back and playing and helping this team win a title.”

What he may not recover from, however, is the PED scandal that has recently erupted causing “The Donald” Donald Trump to recently call out A-Rod on the Twitter social media feed.

“The @Yankees should immediately stop paying A-Rod—he signed his contract without telling them he was a druggie,”

The 37-year old Rodriguez is still due $114 million on the final five years of his contract which, Trump pointed out, is more then the entire Houston Astros roster.

“A-Rod’s salary is more than the entire @astros. Half the players on @astros will have better seasons than him. A-Rod is a joke!”

Whatever happens with A-Rod, you can be sure that the New York Yankees will be exciting this year so don’t pass on the opportunity to get your tickets!


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